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Rhodonite | Madagascar

Freeform Rhodonite Stone
4.57 kilo
6 items
Rhodonite freeform from Madagascar
2.1 kilo
145x110x70 mm
Rhodonite ornamental stone from Madagascar
1.5 kilo
140x100x55 mm
Decorative natural rhodonite
1.2 kilo
140x80x60 mm
Freeform Rhodonite Stone
1.15 kilo
115x90x55 mm
Natural rhodonite for ornament
1000 grams
130x80x50 mm
Freeform Rhodonite Stone
750 grams
105x80x60 mm
Natural Rhodonite stone
900 grams
95x95x50 mm
Polished rhodonite from Madagascar
850 grams
115x80x45 mm
Rhodonite decoration stone
470 grams
95x65x40 mm
Natural rhodonite stone
450 grams
90x60x40 mm