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Mokaite is a type of sedimentary jasper, a variety of silica, specifically silicon dioxide. It is characterized by its diversity of colors ranging from red to yellow, brown and purple, often presented in abstract patterns or bands.
Mochaite polished plate
4.27 kilo | 9 items
Polished mochaite slab
550 grams | 160x100x14 mm
Mochaite polished plate
510 grams | 185x100x12 mm
Mochaite slab
450 grams | 150x95x15 mm
Landscape mochaite slab
510 grams | 200x80x14 mm
Polished mochaite from Morocco
400 grams | 150x100x12 mm
Mochaite from Morocco
500 grams | 180x80x13 mm
Polished Landscape Mochaite
450 grams | 180x90x13 mm
Landscape mochaite slab
500 grams | 185x90x15 mm
Landscape mochaite slab
400 grams | 150x100x13 mm