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Collection August 2023 | Tiger eye plates

Collection of tiger eye rock slabs from South Africa. The plates are polished on one side and raw on the other. Pieces from 100 grams to 600 grams.
Polished tiger eye plate
70 grams
135x10x25 mm
South african tiger's eye
100 grams
80x10x50 mm
Natural tiger eye
125 grams
90x10x50 mm
South african polished tiger eye
180 grams
150x10x45 mm
Polished tiger eye plate
105 grams
150x10x30 mm
Polished tiger eye
350 grams
165x25x40 mm
Polished natural tiger eye stone
320 grams
155x20x40 mm
Polished tiger eye plate
260 grams
165x10x35 mm
Polished tiger's eye rock
230 grams
205x5x55 mm
South african tiger's eye
400 grams
240x10x60 mm
Tiger eye plate
310 grams
200x10x60 mm