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Collection November 2023 | Septaria

Collection of free forms in septaria,. Each of these unique pieces displays the fascinating geometric patterns of septaria, providing a touch of natural elegance to your mineral collection or decor. Septaria is a sedimentary rock that is characterized by mineral-filled cracks, forming distinct geometric patterns within the stone.
Polished septaria freeform
700 grams
115x80x55 mm
Polished septaria for ornament
650 grams
105x75x55 mm
Polished decoration septaria
850 grams
120x80x60 mm
Polished decoration septaria
730 grams
110x80x55 mm
Polished polished septaria block
900 grams
120x85x55 mm
Free form polished septaria
1.1 kilo
130x90x65 mm