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Collection May 2023 | Labradorite one side polished

Labradorite stones from Madagascar, with one side polished and the other side raw. Labradorite is a mineral from the feldspar family. The particularity of some pieces is to have a play of colors with a metallic luster.
Ornamental semi-rough labradorite
570 grams
130x100x40 mm
Semi-rough labradorite from madagascar
480 grams
110x100x30 mm
Natural medium raw ornamental labradorite
690 grams
110x100x65 mm
Semi-polished decorative labradorite
950 grams
100x150x50 mm
Semi-polished ornamental labradorite
730 grams
100x150x65 mm
Semi-polished stone in labradorite
1.35 kilo
130x100x80 mm
Labradorite for semi-polished collection
1.85 kilo
180x130x70 mm
Decorative natural labradorite semi-rough
1.75 kilo
140x140x75 mm
Semi-polished ornamental natural labradorite
1.65 kilo
140x150x80 mm
Labradorite to lay semi-rough
1.9 kilo
190x110x80 mm
Semi-Raw Labradorite
775 grams
115x115x50 mm
Mid-Raw Labradorite from Madagascar
650 grams
120x75x55 mm
Ornamental Semi-Rough Labradorite
850 grams
110x95x60 mm
Natural Medium Raw Ornamental Labradorite
915 grams
100x100x50 mm
Labradorite to lay semi-rough
10.38 kilo
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