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Collection December 2021 | Beautiful quality of specimens of green fluorite crystals from Madagascar on matrix

Collection of green fluorites with cubic crystals on massive fluorite or matrix. High quality fluorite from Mandrosonoro, central part of Madagascar. These fluorites come from a new deposit from which are extracted specimens of a magnificent emerald green. Under ultra-violet and depending on the parts, these fluorites take on a more or less bluish purplish tint.
Raw green fluorite in crystals on matrix
8.32 kilo
10 items
Large double-sided crystallization of fluorite from Madagascar
4.1 kilo
250x190x80 mm
Nearly 4 kilo crystallized green fluorite cubes
3.8 kilo
220x220x140 mm
Fluorite from Madagascar on matrix over 2 kilograms
2.2 kilo
210x170x110 mm
Fluorite crystallized in a cube of almost 4 kilo
3.9 kilo
220x180x120 mm
Cubic crystals of fluorite on matrix 2.5 kilo
2.55 kilo
220x130x90 mm
Natural fluorite crystallized in cubes of more than 2.6 kilo
2.65 kilo
220x140x100 mm
Crystallized natural green fluorite 1.5 kilo
1.5 kilo
150x120x100 mm
Green fluorite cubes on matrix
1000 grams
150x90x90 mm
Cubic fluorite crystallization from Madagascar
1.25 kilo
150x110x70 mm
Crystallization of green fluorite from Madagascar
1.55 kilo
180x110x60 mm
Natural cubic crystals of fluorite on matrix
2.25 kilo
150x120x130 mm
Fluorite cubic natural crystals
1.55 kilo
130x140x100 mm
Raw natural fluorite on matrix
800 grams
120x80x60 mm
Crude fluorite crystals on matrix
900 grams
140x80x60 mm
Raw Natural Green Fluorite Crystals
1.25 kilo
120x100x80 mm
Raw natural green fluorite
1.4 kilo
150x100x80 mm
Raw green fluorite in crystals on matrix
1.2 kilo
180x80x60 mm
Madagascar Green Fluorite Crystal Stone
1.4 kilo
140x100x100 mm
Green fluorite crystals on matrix
1.15 kilo
120x90x90 mm
Crystallized natural fluorite
840 grams
100x80x80 mm
Green fluorite from Madagascar
730 grams
110x100x60 mm
Natural fluorite from Madagascar crystallized
690 grams
120x90x50 mm
Green fluorite cubes on matrix
300 grams
90x70x30 mm
Raw natural fluorite on matrix
310 grams
80x50x60 mm