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Skutterudite is a mineral from the arsenide group, belonging to the sulphide class. Its chemical formula is (Co, Ni)As3, but it may contain traces of other elements such as iron, nickel and sometimes copper.
Skutterudite stone
400 grams | 90x80x40 mm
Raw skutterudite
400 grams | 90x60x60 mm
Raw skutterudite
165 grams | 65x50x35 mm
Skutterudite crystallization
200 grams | 65x50x35 mm
Skutterudite crystals
450 grams | 100x70x55 mm
Natural skutterudite
400 grams | 70x55x70 mm
Skutterudite from morocco
430 grams | 75x60x60 mm