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Collection December 2020 | Semi-polished malachite stones with eyes

Semi-polished malachite stones with "eye", pieces from 200 to 600 grams, stone from Congo
Collector's Malachite
3.1 kilo
9 items
Malachite stone
480 grams
140x80x40 mm
Semi-polished malachite block
260 grams
90x75x35 mm
Free form in malachite
290 grams
95x60x40 mm
Collector's Malachite
415 grams
110x90x20 mm
Malachite for decoration
530 grams
115x70x40 mm
Natural malachite block
300 grams
85x65x25 mm
Semi-polished malachite
340 grams
80x50x40 mm
Free form in malachite
420 grams
100x70x30 mm
Malachite for collection
400 grams
100x65x30 mm
Malachite ornamental stone
325 grams
70x65x40 mm
Semi-polished natural malachite
350 grams
80x70x40 mm