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Skutterudite crystallization - Morocco - 220908226

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  • Skutterudite crystallization
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Country Morocco

Size mm

Mineral species

274 - September 2022
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Skutterudite is a semiconductor mineral that is part of the family of cobalt and nickel arsenites. It has a chemical formula CoAs3 and contains arsenic and cobalt. This mineral is made up of regular octahedral tetrahedra and is most commonly yellow, orange, or red.

Skutterudite forms in areas where hydrothermal magmas have cooled. It is found in hydrothermal magmas associated with minerals such as quartz, analcine and chlorite. It is commonly found in cobalt and nickel mines and is mined mainly in Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

Skutterudite is mainly used in rechargeable batteries, especially for lithium-ion batteries. It is also used to make solar batteries, making it an important material for solar-powered power systems. In addition, it can be used in nuclear reactors and in medical applications.

Characteristics :

Density 6.10
Hardness 5.50 à 6.00
Group Arséniure (Sulfure)
Formula CoAs3-x
Cleavage {100} distinct, {111} distinct
Break Irrégulière, Conchoïdale
Chemical composition :

As Arsenic Metalloids 76.08%
Co Cobalt Transition metal 17.95%
Ni Nickel Transition metal 5.96%

To go further in knowledge of the collectible mineral Skutterudite with the kind authorization of Naturae Lapides

About this video:

Title : 02.EC.05 - Skutterudite ‐ #C10 - Minerals
Published on : January 12, 2023
Duration : 1 minute and 6 seconds
Description : Presentation of a Skutterudite mineral specimen sample, Naturae Lapides (nature stones) mineralogy collection, crystals and minerals of interest.

The Youtube Naturae Lapides channel is dedicated to the Naturae Lapides mineral collection, through the presentation of the specimens of the collection, their stories, their origins and their specificities which allow you to discover in detail the mineral beauty of what the Earth can offer us, and what human genius can do with it to understand the reason for its existence.

Skutterudite is a mineral that is often used for lithotherapy. It is mainly found in Norway, but is also known as a neon green mineral. In lithotherapy, it is valued for its abilities to help boost courage and realign your crown chakra to restore emotional and spiritual balance.

It is also known to be a protective mineral against negative vibes and negative experiences. It has been used for healing powers for centuries, and is often associated with chakras such as the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, green skutterudite stones are popular for their ability to relieve stress and anxiety.

We draw your attention to the fact that in lithotherapy, the different properties associated with stones come from traditions and beliefs. They are not scientifically proven and can in no way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, you should consult your doctor.

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