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Collection October 2023 | Raw cobalt calcite

Discover the natural beauty of cobaltocalcite stones, bright pink, finely crystallized crystals that captivate with their elegance. These natural gems, in addition to their splendor, can bring a touch of color and harmony to your mineral collection or living space.
Cobaltocalcite crystals
200 grams
90x60x35 mm
Cobaltocalcite rock
380 grams
125x60x40 mm
250 grams
100x65x30 mm
Crystallized cobaltocalcite
270 grams
105x65x35 mm
Crystallization of cobaltocalcite
305 grams
130x60x35 mm
Cobaltocalcite rock
400 grams
115x90x25 mm
700 grams
175x80x60 mm