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Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone - Madagascar - 220807722

  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
  • Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone
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Reserve PRO
1 Polished Polished Labradorite Stone 2650 grams 180x190x40 mm
2 Natural Polished Labradorite Stone 1350 grams 95x150x50 mm
3 Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone 1900 grams 145x145x55 mm
4 Polished Labradorite from Madagascar 1400 grams 100x120x55 mm
5 Polished Labradorite ornamental stone from Madagascar 1400 grams 115x140x50 mm
6 Natural Polished Labradorite Stone 1950 grams 110x140x55 mm
7 Natural polished labradorite 1400 grams 105x145x45 mm
8 Freeform Polished Labradorite Stone 1650 grams 120x135x50 mm
9 Collector's Natural Polished Labradorite 1550 grams 125x125x55 mm
10 Natural polished labradorite for ornament 1550 grams 115x125x55 mm
Country Madagascar

16.8 kilo
Polished stones


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Labradorite is a mineral whose peculiarity of certain parts is to have bursts of metallic color called labradorescence. Green and blue are the most common colors, but we also find some with yellow, orange and even sometimes purple bursts. The best quality parts may have any of the colors of the spectrum. Labradorescence is due to interference in the mineral lamellae constituting the rock. Labradorite stone belongs to the feldspar family and is composed mainly of sodium, calcium, iron and potassium. This stone is formed in magmatic or metamorphic rocks.

Characteristics :

Density 2.68
Hardness 7.00
Group Tectosilicate (Silicate)
Formula (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4O8
Cleavage {001} parfait, {010} bon, {110} distinct
Break Irrégulière, Conchoïdale
Chemical composition :

O Oxygen Other no metal 47.09%
Si Silicon Metalloids 24.79%
Al Aluminum Poor metal 15.88%
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 8.85%
Na Sodium Alkali metal 3.38%

Labradorite is the protective stone par excellence, playing simultaneously the role of shield and sponge. Labradorite protects against the evils of others. It absorbs negative energies and dissolves them. The labradorite stone develops the attraction of being vis-à-vis others. This stone is thus highly recommended for people in search of loneliness.

Actions and crystal healing effects :

• Absorbs negative energies
• Aura (perception)
• Energy leak
• Fortune telling
• Friendship
• Intellectual fatigue
• Negative energy (absorbs)
• Perception of the aura
• Physical fatigue
• Premonitory dream
• Protection
• Regeneration
• Rest
• Restructure the aura
• Shield
• Solitary

We draw your attention to the fact that in lithotherapy, the different properties associated with stones come from traditions and beliefs. They are not scientifically proven and can in no way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, you should consult your doctor.
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