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Freeform Green Fluorite Stone - Madagascar - 211106348

This product has been sold or is no longer available.
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  • Freeform Green Fluorite Stone
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Country Madagascar

Size mm
Polished stones


229 - November 2021
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Fluorite is a mineral that belongs to the family of halides. It is a mineral composed of an oxide of calcium and fluoride, and it occurs in the form of crystals, which can take on various colors ranging from green to colorless. There are also multicolored crystals, called γιαινόcolifiats.

Fluorite forms in subterranean hydrothermal environments, as well as in sedimentary and metamorphic zones. It is produced when Fluorite-rich basaltic lava decays and the fluo-complexes are released and mix with dissolved fluids, forming Fluorite crystals.

Fluorite has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used as an industrial catalyst, acting as an additive in various chemical products and also in the ceramics industry. It is also used for the manufacture of optical fibers, optical glass, anti-reflective coatings and flame retardant materials. It is widely used in lithotherapy for its calming action, and to help balance the person as well as for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Characteristics :

Density 3.01
Hardness 4.00
Group Halogénure
Formula CaF2
Cleavage {111} parfait
Break Conchoïdale, Esquilleuse, Irrégulière
Chemical composition :

Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 51.33%
F Fluorine Non-metal halogen 48.66%

To go further in knowledge of the collectible mineral Fluorite with the kind authorization of Naturae Lapides

About this video:

Title : 03.AB.25 - Fluorite - #D50 - Minerals
Published on : October 10, 2023
Duration : 1 minute and 44 seconds
Description : Presentation of a mineral specimen sample of Fluorite, Naturae Lapides mineralogy collection (stones of nature), crystals and minerals of interest.

The Youtube Naturae Lapides channel is dedicated to the Naturae Lapides mineral collection, through the presentation of the specimens of the collection, their stories, their origins and their specificities which allow you to discover in detail the mineral beauty of what the Earth can offer us, and what human genius can do with it to understand the reason for its existence.

In lithotherapy, fluorite is known for its regulating and stabilizing properties. It helps to find a certain serenity and allows to better apprehend and understand the mechanisms that underlie life. Fluorite is also recognized for its protective action and for amplifying visions, intuitions and divinatory powers.

It is a stone which is very powerful and which is therefore considered to be very useful for concentration, intellectual work and meditation. It allows you to have a clearer and more focused mind on your businesses. Fluorite is a mineral that is believed to facilitate and improve communication between human beings. We can say that he is able to open the doors of understanding and tolerance.

It is able to heal feelings of contempt and violence, and it is used to ease conflict. In addition, fluorite is recognized for its energizing and stimulating properties, thus promoting alertness, creativity and willpower.

We draw your attention to the fact that in lithotherapy, the different properties associated with stones come from traditions and beliefs. They are not scientifically proven and can in no way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, you should consult your doctor.

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