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Slice of silicified wood from madagascar - Madagascar - 230109740

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  • Slice of silicified wood from madagascar
Contractual photos showing the object you will receive when ordering. The photos were taken in order to obtain the most faithful possible rendering of the object.

Country Madagascar

Size mm

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Petrified wood is a form of fossilized wood that has undergone chemical and physical transformation to become a sedimentary rock. This substance has a structure and composition very similar to living wood and is formed by the accumulation of minerals which replace the original cells and tissues of the wood.
Petrified wood usually forms in anoxic environments where only organic chemicals do not break down. Organic materials are thus fossilized by the accumulation of different minerals which replace the original cells and tissues.

Petrified wood is mainly used for ornamental purposes. These decorative objects can be polished, carved, cut and trimmed to create unique and very attractive pieces. Due to its durability and beauty, this type of wood is often used for making decorative items, such as sculptures, tables, lamps, and vases.

Petrified wood is also used to create decorative furniture and accessories inside and outside the home. In addition, thanks to its resistance to scratches, this type of wood is very popular for the manufacture of worktops and countertops.

Petrified wood is a very unique mineral which makes it an excellent choice for crystal healing. It is a mineral with very stable and powerful properties that can help create an intimate connection with the Earth and give more strength and resilience to human beings. As a fossilized mineral, it is very receptive to spiritual healing and positive vibes and can help unblock and release any negative energy.

Petrified wood offers a steady source of energy and can help shield against negative vibes and encourage health and life enhancing options. It can help improve stamina and give more courage physically and spiritually. The special properties of petrified wood are very powerful and can help create lines of communication with ancestors and spiritual entities.

Petrified wood is also known to promote spiritual and emotional clarity and to help heal the heart and mind. It can help maintain emotional stability and restore faith and trust. Finally, petrified wood can be very helpful in lowering stress and anxiety levels and providing a sense of calm and security.

We draw your attention to the fact that in lithotherapy, the different properties associated with stones come from traditions and beliefs. They are not scientifically proven and can in no way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, you should consult your doctor.

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