Millau - 50 th Millau International Fossil Minerals Gemstone Fellowship

23 july

From Friday, July 23, 2021 to Sunday, July 25, 2021

50 th Millau International Fossil Minerals Gemstone Fellowship

The 50th edition of the International Minerals and Fossils Exchange will take place at the Parc de la Victoire and in the village hall of Millau. 250 exhibitors from 15 nationalities from all over the world, whether professionals or amateurs, will offer you: a unique journey to discover the jewels of the earth: minerals, fossils, cut stones, jewelry. Visitors: collectors, enthusiasts or simply curious will be able to admire and acquire these wonders of nature, with a wide choice of rough stones (minerals and crystals), cut stones (gems), fossils, meteorites. It is a total immersion in a fascinating world, where wonder is guaranteed thanks to the diversity of stones offered in all shapes and colors. Each mineral is unique and its characteristics allow us to learn more about the geology of our planet. For jewelry lovers, this will be an excellent opportunity to discover the creators who sublimate gems and make them unique and original pieces.

Salle des fêtes
Parc de la victoire
12100 Millau
50 th Millau International Fossil Minerals Gemstone Fellowship
To discover in the shop :
Quartz prism crystal
1.2 kilo | 9 items
Polished lapis lazuli stone
380 grams | 85x75x35 mm
Decorative polished nephrite jade
280 grams | 105x45x25 mm
Purpurite pendant
10 grams | 33x22x7 mm
Lapis lazuli to pose
345 grams | 95x55x30 mm
Tourmaline pebble
1.8 kilo | 16 items
Zoisite Ruby Pendant
21 grams | 45x35x7 mm
Decorative rose quartz
910 grams | 110x80x65 mm
Decorative nephrite jade
510 grams | 100x60x40 mm
Polished lapis lazuli
290 grams | 60x55x35 mm
Polished nephrite jade
400 grams | 95x65x35 mm
Lapis lazuli polished stone
250 grams | 100x60x20 mm