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Mineral exhibition 24 october 2020

Minéralexpo Chambéry Minerals Fossils Gems

Minéralexpo Chambéry Minerals Fossils Gems

From Saturday, October 24, 2020 to Sunday, October 25, 2020

1725 Avenue du Grand Arietaz
To discover in the shop :
Labradorite stone block
640 grams
95x80x45 mm
Blue Polished Block Labradorite Stone
600 grams
95x95x35 mm
Labradorite decoration stone
730 grams
105x80x40 mm
Polished labradorite for ornament
900 grams
110x100x50 mm
Ornamental Labradorite Stone
840 grams
85x90x55 mm
Decorative Labradorite Stone
590 grams
95x80x50 mm
Labradorite stone with yellow reflections
670 grams
95x90x45 mm
Labradorite for collection
660 grams
120x75x40 mm
Labradorite polished stone
570 grams
100x65x45 mm
Labradorite stone free form ornament
1.06 kilo
100x115x45 mm
Labradorite with multicolored reflections for ornament
860 grams
110x85x45 mm
Labradorite for decoration
830 grams
125x75x45 mm