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58th Mineral & Gem Leader in France, European leader, in the world's top 2, Mineral & Gem is one of the most important gatherings in the world of direct or related sectors linked to minerals. Between Hong Kong and Tucson, in a small Gallic village in eastern France, Mineral & Gem cannot, in any case, be common!
Minerals from Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a country rich in mineral and rock resources, with a wide variety of minerals and rocks found in different regions of the country. Rocks and minerals play an important role in the Afghan economy and are exported around the world.
Blog News Nosy Mena Miavana: The united red island

Nosy Mena Miavana: The united red island

© Nosy Mena Miavana
Nosy Mena Miavana: The united red island nosy mena miavana

Until December 2023, part of the profits from Ravaka & Mineraly sales was donated to the humanitarian association Nosy Mena Miavana in Plérin-sur-Mer, to help disadvantaged families and children in Madagascar.

The Nosy Mena Miavana association was born on August 7, 2007, the goal being to bring together natives and friends of Madagascar in a spirit of solidarity here and there. It is recognized as being of public utility and issues tax receipts.

Education and health: • Fight against malnutrition and physical handicaps • Donations of medicines and paramedical equipment • Training of specialized educators • Tutoring • Early learning and development activities
Equipment and infrastructure: • Rehabilitation of huts and bush school • Construction of school buildings • Wells for drinking water, and water cisterns
The objectives of the association: • Promote Madagascar here: • his history • its customs • Raise awareness of the situation of underprivileged families there.

Support the association

Financing of actions: • Donations from members and supporters • Annual dinner dance • Sale of crafts and voluntary raffle • Solidarity hikes • Sale of Christmas chocolates • Participation in the association raffle • Garage sales
Local solidarity actions: • Stand of Malagasy products for the benefit of the Telethon • Presence at the association forum • Activities in schools • Projection of films on Madagascar and conferences • For the Voice of Humanity, preparation of young people leaving for a civic service trip to Madagascar • Nosy Mena Miavana financially supports 2 local associations that work for Malagasy children and families
Find out more about Nosy Mena Miavana: • Website: • Facebook: @AssoNosyMenaMiavana • Email: • Telephone: 02 96 73 03 48 • Address: 54 rue du Roselier, 22190 Plérin-sur-Mer