Millau - International Fair of Minerals, Fossils, Gems and Jewels of Millau (12)

21 july

From Friday, July 21, 2023 to Sunday, July 23, 2023

International Fair of Minerals, Fossils, Gems and Jewels of Millau (12)

The 52nd edition of the Millau International Minerals, Fossils and Jewelry Exchange will take place from July 21 to 23 at Parc de la Victoire!

Find more than 200 exhibitors, professionals or amateurs, for a unique journey to discover the jewels of the earth: Minerals, Crystals, Fossils, Cut stones, Meteorites and Jewels in natural stones.

The many visitors, collectors, enthusiasts or simply curious will be able to admire and acquire these wonders of nature, with a wide choice of rough stones (minerals and crystals) and cut stones (gems), but also fossils, meteorites and natural stone jewellery.

It is a total immersion in a fascinating world, where wonder is guaranteed thanks to the diversity of stones offered in all shapes and colors. Each mineral is unique and its characteristics allow you to learn more about the geology of our planet!

Restaurant and bar on site ✦ Free parking

Schedule :
Friday July 21 and Saturday July 22: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. – Sunday July 23: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Place :
Parc de la Victoire and in the village hall
Avenue Charles de Gaulle
12100 Millau

Prices (Ticketing on site):

- Adult price: 4€ price
- Reduced price: (> 10 years old, students, seniors, PMR) and for Millavois on presentation of proof
- Free up to 12 years old


Contact: Marie-Louise Navarro -

Parc de la victoire
Avenue Charles de Gaulles
12100 Millau
  Navarro Marie-Louise
International Fair of Minerals, Fossils, Gems and Jewels of Millau (12)
To discover in the shop :
Lapis lazuli free form
300 grams | 90x855x25 mm
Lapis lazuli to pose
345 grams | 95x55x30 mm
Natural lapis lazuli rock
460 grams | 125x60x35 mm
Natural nephrite jade rock
510 grams | 125x55x35 mm
Decorative rose quartz
1.35 kilo | 135x95x65 mm
Amethyst piece
320 grams | 90x70x40 mm
Natural lapis lazuli rock
610 grams | 115x100x25 mm
Nephrite jade free form
480 grams | 90x70x45 mm
Nephrite jade polished stone
560 grams | 105x50x50 mm
Ornamental polished lapis lazuli
280 grams | 85x70x20 mm
Zoisite Ruby Ring
19 grams | 38x24x27 mm
Collectible nephrite jade
460 grams | 105x75x45 mm