Orgon - 6th Fossil Minerals Scholarship

06 august

From Saturday, August 6, 2022 to Sunday, August 7, 2022

6th Fossil Minerals Scholarship

On August 6 and 7, 2022 In the Renaissance space room, 25 exhibitors will offer thousands of minerals, fossils, cut stones and classic and designer jewelry as well as many new products.
Any visitor will have the possibility of acquiring Minerals, fossils and jewels at all prices. This event has made its reputation for 5 years for its quality and friendliness. Free raffle paleontological treasures of Orgon.
Entrance and free parking Disabled access
Refreshment bar and snacks in air-conditioned room

2 Avenue de la Victoire
Espace Renaissance
13660 Orgon
  Clément Francis
6th Fossil Minerals Scholarship
To discover in the shop :
Labradorite collection stone
710 grams
95x95x45 mm
Labradorite for collection
580 grams
100x85x35 mm
Purple yellow labradorite ornament stone
780 grams
110x80x50 mm
Labradorite ornamental stone
830 grams
110x80x50 mm
Labradorite polished stone
700 grams
115x70x40 mm
Labradorite for collection or decoration
550 grams
85x75x45 mm
Labradorite stone block
840 grams
110x80x50 mm
Polished labradorite for decoration
880 grams
115x70x50 mm
Labradorite laying stone
690 grams
110x80x45 mm
Ornamental Labradorite Stone
1.1 kilo
145x100x40 mm
Labradorite for decoration
830 grams
125x75x45 mm
Decorative Labradorite Stone
590 grams
95x80x50 mm