AUBAGNE - Salon Fossil Minerals Gems Crystals & Well-Being

02 april

From Saturday, April 2, 2022 to Sunday, April 3, 2022

Salon Fossil Minerals Gems Crystals & Well-Being

Minerals, Fossils, Gems, Crystals & Wellness Fair Designer Jewelery and Dinosaurs Exhibition

Exhibition - Sale - Expertise - Conference
Workshops and activities for children.

Come discover the wonders of the earth!

Minerals of inestimable scientific value.
Gems and Jewels of remarkable beauty.

This Salon on 1400 m², invites you to a journey in time between knowledge and imagination...

Thanks to its 30 exhibitors, from all countries with their discoveries and creations!
From pebbles at 1€ to the museum piece!

Discovery of the benefits of crystals rich in Energy, with our exhibitors specialized in Lithotherapy.

You'll love Designer Jewelry!

The spirit of the Show is open to everyone: Amateurs, Collectors and Children!

With in addition, 500 m² devoted to DINOSAURS with more than 10 complete reproductions!

Paleontological excavations, Giant Puzzle and Photo Space will be available free of charge for young and old!

Admission: 6 euro
Entrance - 10 years old: 3 euros
Restaurant on site – Free parking

248 Avenue des Paluds
Centre de Congrès Agora
  BLANC Richard
Salon Fossil Minerals Gems Crystals & Well-Being
To discover in the shop :
Polished Labradorite Stone
760 grams
100x95x55 mm
Labradorite ornamental stone
700 grams
105x75x45 mm
Labradorite laying stone
630 grams
80x70x50 mm
Polished form of Labradorite
660 grams
85x85x55 mm
Labradorite for collection or decoration
550 grams
85x75x45 mm
Labradorite collection stone
910 grams
100x85x55 mm
Labradorite for collection
700 grams
90x80x40 mm
Labradorite block shape to pose for ornament
780 grams
120x90x40 mm
Labradorite for decoration
590 grams
100x70x45 mm
Labradorite decoration stone
830 grams
95x85x50 mm
Labradorite polished stone
740 grams
80x90x50 mm
Purple yellow labradorite ornament stone
780 grams
110x80x50 mm