SAINT-RAPHAEL - MINERAL Events Saint-Raphaël

30 october

From Friday, October 30, 2020 to Sunday, November 1, 2020

MINERAL Events Saint-Raphaël

20th MINERAL EVENTS Passion-Discovery Days Friday 30, Saturday 31 October & Sunday 1 November 2020 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. MINERALS - FOSSILS - METEORITES - GEMS Crystal & Well-Being - Designer Jewelery Exhibition - Sale - Expertise Conferences - Children's workshops Palais des Congrès Port Santa Lucia - SAINT-RAPHAËL AN ANNUAL EVENT THAT IS RENEWED The earth, guardian of time and the memory of distant eras, conceals Fossils and Minerals of inestimable scientific value and Gems of remarkable beauty. New or classic, the most beautiful raw or polished minerals, cut gems, fossils, meteorites gathered from around the world are offered to you by the 55 exhibitors from all over 1000m². They invite you on a journey into the imagination on the paths of knowledge and dreams. Pebbles at € 1 per Museum piece! The spirit of the Salon is resolutely open to all audiences, Amateurs, Collectors, Children and anyone seeking to discover the magical world of Minerals. As such, a family storytelling show in video projection will be offered every day to young and old! Discover the benefits of crystals rich in energy with our many exhibitors specializing in Lithotherapy. Exhibition: History of the Quarries of Dramont. Entrance 7 euros, 3 euros for children under 10 years old.

Palais des Congrès
Port Santa Lucia
  06 47 73 89 25
  BLANC Guillaume
MINERAL Events Saint-Raphaël
To discover in the shop :
Labradorite for collection
700 grams
90x80x40 mm
Polished labradorite for collection
520 grams
95x60x45 mm
Labradorite block
660 grams
90x80x50 mm
Labradorite for collection or decoration
550 grams
85x75x45 mm
Labradorite decoration stone
620 grams
85x85x45 mm
Labradorite decoration stone
880 grams
100x90x50 mm
Polished form of Labradorite
560 grams
105x70x45 mm
Labradorite polished stone
900 grams
100x95x45 mm
Decorative Labradorite Stone
590 grams
95x80x50 mm
Labradorite laying stone
680 grams
100x75x45 mm
Labradorite decoration stone
730 grams
105x80x40 mm
Labradorite freeform ornamental yellow blue
580 grams
105x85x45 mm